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MATSUMURA immigration Lawyers Office
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Birth Day: September 3rd, 1973,
Educational Background: University of Victoria, Bachelor of Commerce, 1998
Hobbies: traveling oversea, Scuba diving, motorcycling, golfing, outdoor

From the past experience of study abroad, I am aiming to be an immigration lawyer who can do "total life-support" of foreigners living in Japan including company establishment, business permit application, etc.
I am willing to be a lawyer who is easy going, flexible, and hard working, so please feel free to contact us. Thank you very much.



Status of Residence · Naturalization

When foreigners stay or live in Japan, various procedures would be necessary to take. Foreigners who come to Japan for the first time or those who invite foreigners for the first time to Japan need to take right procedure at right time.
Despite having to do procedures on status of residence (visa), if it has been left untreated, it may be regarded as an illegal stay and may be subjected to punishment or forced deportation. Status of Residence is a qualification for foreigners to enter (land) in Japan, and they are also required qualifications while staying in Japan.
In the current law 27 kinds of status of residence exist, and the content of the activity and the duration of stay are stipulated depending on the type of status of residence

Passport Authentication · Residence Authentication

While you are in Japan, you may be asked for certification of passport by a third party, for example when you open a bank account abroad or make a credit card. A third party certifies that a copy of the passport is authentic as it can not submit a real passport.
We also have a translation certificate such as a certificate of the company's register and a resident card.
In addition, we certify (prove) that the principal signed the document etc.
Because the signer needs to sign in front of the certifier (administrative scrivener), we do not accept or receive the documents by mail.

English-Japanese Translation of Contracts or Agreements

In modern society where globalization advances, business with overseas enterprises is more familiar. In transactions with foreign companies with different histories and cultures, in order to conduct business on an equal basis, it is necessary to conduct mutual recognition in common with each other. What is essential for that is a contract. Unlike contracts that Japanese companies enter into each other, it must be a contract suitable for overseas transactions.


Company Name MATSUMURA immigration Lawyers Office
(Global Resource)
Consultation Desk Postal Code:812-0013
Hakata IC building 7F 1-14-34 Hakataekihigashi,Hakataku,Fukuokashi
Global Resource Office
TEL 092-710-7749 / 090-9592-3554
FAX 092-409-1540
Date of Establishment 2010/5/1
Description of Business ・Applying for Status of Residence/Naturalization
・Helping for international marriage
Start-Up business in Japan
・Certificate of signature
・Writing agreements/interpretation/translation and so on

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Postal Code:812-0013
Hakata IC building 7F 1-14-34 Hakataekihigashi,Hakataku,Fukuokashi
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